Boku no Pico

Artist(s) : Tamura Ryuhei
Author(s) : Tamura Ryuhei
Alternative Name : ?????; ????; ?????; Beezle Baby; Belze Babu;
Genre : Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
Episodes : Ongoing
Years of Released : 2009

During summer vacation, Tamotsu is on break from work happens to visit a particular café. It is at this café that Tamotsu meets
Pico, who works there for his grandfather. Tamotsu instantly falls for Pico, believing that Pico is a girl because of his feminine appearance. However, to his disbelief, Pico claims he actually is a guy. Undeterred, Tamotsu pursues a sexual relationship with Pico, to an extent where he even persuades Pico into wearing girl clothes. When Pico asks what is he to Tamotsu, he finds himself unable to answer...


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